From Zero to Home Office: The Master Plan to Collaborative Work from Anywhere

With digital change and an increasingly flexible working environment, an ideal setting for remote work is emerging right now. This unbelievable potential for employers and employees is being taken up here for all those who want to switch from zero to remote work. We guide you with a master plan through this new world and reveal hands-on and directly applicable tips and tricks for the ideal arrangement to work from home. With the help of easy-to-use checklists, learn how you can succeed in a competitive situation right now and how collaborative working from anywhere will become possible.

Andreas Dolle and Ulrike Dolle manage the ADM Institute and have been living digitization and collaborative work from anywhere since 2014. Both regularly give talks in public and online events about these working formats and the imple-mentation processes. Their best tips and instructions are covered in this book.

This handy, printed book helps you and your employees to work well and in an organized way from home.